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Fried Chicken with Squash Pickle

Pumpkin Pickle with Fried Chicken

Right, I’m determined to get back up to date with this lot, it’s Easter weekend so I’ll only fall behind again. Here goes…

Mr S spied this one, the ‘fried chicken’ bit would definitely have caught his eye. I made this with his help after sleeping for most of the day yet again.

Preheat the oven to 190ºc (fan)

Cut up a butternut squash, some into slices, some into cubes.

Season bone-in skin-on…

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Fish with Gnocchi & Greens

Please don’t let this photograph put you off. This was a very tasty dinner.

I had to come home from work ill today but there is a big joke on my side of the family (from my Mum’s side) that even illness can’t put us off our food. So when I got home I slept until it was time to eat.

This recipe is here but I used up some frozen fish fillets from Aldi.

Preheat the oven to 180ºc fan.

Cook gnocchi,…

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Leek, Goats Cheese & Bacon Risotto

The carpet is in! I repeat, the carpet is in! He came first thing which was good as I thought I might explode if he didn’t. We then had the job of putting up the wardrobe then organising everything. I just need a new mirror, some shelves and some pretty things to finish off.

This was a lovely meal and I’m glad I made it considering it would have been easy to go for takeaway after another busy…

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Sausage & Bean Casserole

Today was supposed to be carpet fitting day. We didn’t sit around waiting as we were told we would get a call half an hour before he was due. At about 4pm, as I was starting to panic that we had missed him when we went to the market, we called to find out what was happening and were told he would be there in half hour. At 5pm he called and asked if he could come Sunday. AAAAARRRRGGHH! One more…

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Chicken Katsu

What a revelation using cornflakes is! I may very well never use a breadcrumb again.

Heat the oven to 180ºc.

Butterfly a chicken and cover it with cornflour – remove any excess.

Dip in beaten egg then coat in finely crushed cornflakes.

Cook in the oven for about 12-15 minutes depending on the size.

To make the sauce, pop a bashed garlic clove, korma paste, dark soy sauce, ketchup & honey in a…

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Mushroom Ragout with Polenta

So at this stage in the blog we were only waiting for the carpet to get our room sorted and stop the upstairs looking like we live in a storage facility. Clothes, shoes and dismantled wardrobes can cause quite a problem, especially when you are clumsy like me.

This was magnificent. We’ve had some variations on this over the last few weeks/months but this was definitely my favourite. Maybe it…

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